Such A Boy

I went on a second date with my Current Interest, out to get food. I’ve picked restaurants both times that we’ve been out to eat, and for some reason it makes me unsettled. I’m not used to leading without much feedback. “Yeah, that’s fine.” should be enough to allay any concerns but for some reason it doesn’t. In my family, “Yeah that’s fine” is usually code for “I don’t care enough and/or I’m mad at you so don’t wish to discuss it BUT I ACTUALLY HATE THE DECISION YOU’RE MAKING RIGHT NOW.” That’s probably the reason it doesn’t.

I’m reacquainting myself with Trust. I don’t do it easily, even though I’m very open to new people. If I can’t trust, I at least force myself to take things at face value because there is only so much worrying I can handle, even being the Bionic  Worrier that I am. It helps that he has never shown me anything but sincerity and genuine emotion.

Every time I’m around him or I think of him, I am overcome with a sense of amazement. He is so amazingly kind, open, smart, sweet, funny, and handsome.  Today we were texting and I told him to pick a movie for us to go see since I don’t know what’s out or even what’s good right now so he texts me back.

He picked that James Bond movie.

He’s such a boy and I love every god damn second of it.


One Response to “Such A Boy”

  1. sinclair Says:

    I admire that bionic warrior trait in you. I need to learn a bit more of that myself.

    also, “yeah, it’s fine” can also mean, “I don’t really care what we do, cause I’m really into spending time with you.” 🙂

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