An Unforseen Happening

I don’t like lube, not for jerking off. And frankly, at this point in my life I find that a few deep breaths and some muscle control make a lubricated condom more than adequate. Usually if I’m going to be having sex with somebody, I tell them to bring lube if they want to use some.

Though I’ve always felt like lube was something I SHOULD have on hand. Especially recently when I had jerked off so much I’d rubbed a small part of my dick a little tender.

Being circumcised has never hurt so much.

So began the search for the Perfect Lube. I dont like things that are too thick, too slick, or too runny, or too thin. I wanted something that would provide enough slip to slide my cock through my hand, and would stay where I put it. In the past, my problems with lube have mainly stemmed from them being so slippery that I, literally, coudln’t maintain a grip on myself. I would have to squeeze the living crap out of my junk just to get some basic sensations. Inevitably, I would wipe whatever it was off with a towel and go back to life without lube.

But now, thanks to all the reviews on Babeland, I have found exactly what I wanted in Eros Bodyglide. On the plus side, it actually conditions and protects latex and is recommended for fetish wear as well as lubricant. Not that I’m interested in wrapping my body in latex – except for one very important part.

I’ve been thinking of all the ways I want this new boy to fuck me with this stuff slicking up his condom-covered cock and it’s delicious pondering the possibilities.

There’s another post brewing in the back of my brain on the topic of domestic kink. What’s that? I’m not sure yet, but I have some ideas.


2 Responses to “An Unforseen Happening”

  1. AlwaysArousedGirl Says:

    You picked the perfect lube. I love that stuff. I’m on my second liter now. 🙂

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