Never Would I Ever

The other day I had some mediocre sex with an outrageously hot guy. I’m going to see him again on Thursday, wherein I hope to perhaps to get some better sex by using my words to explain that 10 minutes of anal sex does not cut it. Especially when I then have to finish myself off without any help from him.

The things I will do for a boy who has body hair thicker than a Nicaraguan rain forest.

Interestingly, though, while I will happily fuck him – as long as he improves, anyway – I would never date him. He has a job he doesn’t like, he’s a stoner, he’s bad with money, he parties a lot. None of these things are qualities I admire or desire in a date. But if he’s just fucking me? I don’t really care. Interesting, this double-standard. I guess this is just more proof that my heart is a lot more important to me than anyone might guess from all the fucking around I do.


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