A Call For Advice

Alright friends, here’s where I call in the favors. What? You don’t owe me any? Well then may I borrow some advice please?

How do you perform oral sex on a man with a clitoris?

Leave it in a comment below, I am most grateful for any tips you may have for me.

P.S. I will be using this advice fairly soon, I hope. Keep your dildos crossed for me.


3 Responses to “A Call For Advice”

  1. Natt Nightly Says:

    The first time my girlfriend sucked my cock, it was just that. I noticed immediately the way in which she handled me and addressed my genitals.

    I think that oral sex for men with clits is as much about the perspecitive you bring to it as the act itself. If you talk about your partner’s body in male terms and treat the clit like a cock (albeit a small one) your partner will experience the blowjob the way you mean it to be.

    As far as technique, I don’t know that it would be different than oral sex as performed on a female-identitfied body; in my experience, it hasn’t been. But affirming your partner’s masculinity verbally and with your attitude towards their body will go a long way towards making them comfortable and feeling that their gender is being respected, especially in this vulnerable and intimate act.

  2. brenda Says:

    Ask him what he wants, in a sexy seductive way. Talk about both of your boundaries and what you like. Then do it! Enjoy.

  3. Ms. Hinterland Says:

    hmmm. I’m going to be very frank.

    I suck his cock while working my hand under his harness. He likes to watch. And, he especially likes the dirty sucking noises that are made during a blowjob. Sometimes there is penetration and sometimes not. It depends on how he responds. We did have a very intimate conversation about how some specific things, while they feel good, take him too far to another place (that he doesn’t like). So, together, we very carefully explored and found and are still finding his boundaries.

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