Disappointment In A Nutshell

Or rather, in an e-mail.

I’ve been sort of looking to meet and make friends-with-benefits with a transguy for the past few months in the interest of

A) Expanding my understanding of my own sexuality.
B) Learning more about some of the practical issues of transmen’s genitals. Knowing there’s a sort of man that I don’t know how to get off is really infuriating.

The other day I thought I’d found such a guy, and I was really excited. Maybe a bit giddy, even. I sent him two short e-mails the next day. One mentioning that I had had a dream about us fucking and that I was excited to meet up, the other asking if he had called since there had been an unmarked number in my phone and I had been at work.

What I got back was an e-mail wherein he proved that you don’t have to strap on a dick just to act like one. Insulting, condescending, and just plain rude. Now I’m feeling like it’s not worth the trouble since the few guys I’ve been interested in aren’t interested in me and the one who was turned out to be a dick.

Maybe later, maybe somebody I meet organically from friends or my own activities, but tonight I have a date with a ridiculously smart, bald, cis-boy who has got me all kinds of hot after his intelligent discussion of religion, art, philosophy, and some sciences last night. I sort of swoon when he does his nerdflexing. Rawr, intellectual hots are awesome.


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