World-Class Cuddles

Sunday night was particularly shitty for me. A date I’d been on and had a great time on apparently was not a mutually enjoyable experience since he stopped replying to my texts after I’d told him I had a great time on Friday. Cue me being over-invested and crying and gratuitous ice cream purchasing.

Monday night was a vaaaast improvement. I had a guy over, and the original plan was to stay up all night and play card and board games. We stayed up until about 2 and then went to bed. I invited him to sleep in my bed since we had talked about the benefits of cuddling without the expectation of sexual activity.

Wooow. Wow! He was warm and smelled amazing and I felt so cozy and frankly I felt cute as hell cuddled up next to him all night. There was one moment in the middle of the night where I kissed his cheek, and he kissed me, and there was sleepy-passionate-grunty making out in our pajamas and then we went back to sleep and did it again when we woke up.

My day has started off much improved for all of this, thank fucking god because now I have to take myself down to the DMV.


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