Cybernetic Bees

I went on a date last week.

The last one I want to go on for a while I’ve decided.

But he said some interesting things to me when I told him that I didn’t think I should be dating just now. He said that I was the only person he’d ever met who wasn’t completely transparent to him after 20 minutes of conversation and that even after 5 hours of talking he still hadn’t figured me out.

He also said that for similar reasons he thinks dating a swarm of cybernetic bees would be interesting.

So, we’re going to be friends. Because when somebody says “I don’t understand myself and I feel like knowing you better will help me to know myself.” I can’t help but hang around. I remember feeling like I had no idea who I am or why I behaved the way I do. Sometimes I still feel that way, but rarely and fleetingly.

On the upside, my 21st birthday is next week and I will be able to go out dancing which is very exciting. I will continue to avoid alcohol since I have no interest in falling asleep on the bus and getting my purse stolen at 2 AM.

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