Cycling Through

This boy and I.

We are just friends. This beautiful, smart, funny, shining boy and I are just friends and that does not break my heart. In my life I am learning to take people on the terms they present to me, especially when they are comely, lovely souls. But just as this possible romance fades away into friendship, a new boy has entered the picture.

He fucks me so good. The light in his eyes is hot and scary and makes me so horny. His touch sears my skin, his dick makes me drool, his lips are painfully soft and I love to bite them, crush them with my mouth. I think we are going to be good friends and better fucks. He is in an open relationship, so I have no illusions of being his boyfriend, his partner. I have plenty of fantasies of all the many ways we’re going to debauch our beautiful selves together. I like this new boy a lot.


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